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CBR Foaling/ Speciality Stable

Our foaling stable is very unique. We designed it after years of breeding to suit our specialty needs.

The stable is a 6m x 4.5m enclosed stable with rubber lined walls, concrete base, fans, lightening inside and floodlights outside (these light up the whole foaling paddock). We had a camera with night vision installed that feeds to a TV in our house for 24hr surveillance.
A deep layer of sawdust provides warmth and comfort for mare and foal.

For sick foals we have designed and built a closed off corner to keep foal safe but still able to be close to mum, pulley systems have been installed for iv use for foals we use this a lot for infusing plasma or specialty cases in sick or injured horses where fluids may have to be administered.

      CBR Foaling/ Speciality Stable

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