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Breeding Services


All broodmares are hard fed twice a day. Quality hay is also part of our regular feeding. We put our horses in large grassy paddocks to ensure the maximum growth of the offspring and health of your mare. We wash and fly spray all our mares once a month to ensure their condition is kept and each mare is checked daily

We recommend that your mare in foal arrives to our property at least 4 weeks prior to her due date so she can build immunity to pass through to her foal via colostrum and we like to keep them for 4 weeks after foaling to ensure mare and foal are healthy.

We welcome all breeds of mare as each and every mare and foal is important!

Foals at CBR

Foaling Down

We specialize in foaling down, being a boutique property we limit our numbers to 10 mares in foal a season this ensures we give 100% attention to all mares.

All our Broodmares wear foaling alarms, and are kept near our house so we can keep a close eye on them. Mares are foaled in the paddock under our watchful eye then moved into the foaling stable to allow mum to recover quietly and foal to be closely observed for those important firsts. We also have a unique foaling down stable Click on 'our stable' for details

Mare and foal are vet checked within 24hrs. Plasma is highly recommended to ensure the health of your foal.

  Foaling Down

Should you have any further questions please click here to contact us.

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